Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Miss World - Malaysia vs Singapore

Dear Friends,

A few weeks back, I was personally introduced to the current Miss World Malaysia 2008/09. Her name is Soo Wincci. This beauty queen is not as 'bimbo' as you may think. She read Law at the University of Reading, United Kingdom . She also holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Sunshine Coast in Australia. She is conversant in English, the Malay language and various Chinese dialects. She gets away in conversational Japanese, Korean and French too.

A beauty contest or beauty pageant is a competition based mainly though not always entirely; on the physical beauty of its contestants and often incorporates personality, talent demonstration, and question responses as judged criteria.

If that is the case, then what happened to this one?

I feel that she is in need of major speech therapy or a good 'Singlish' teacher. Take a gun and shoot me dead, she sounds so robotic and rehearsed.

In instances like this, I am so proud to be Malaysian. And, if you were wondering what Soo Wincci was thanking me for in the picture above, I am so not telling you :)

As the Singaporeans would say, "Walau eh, kanasai!"


Joey HLL said...

Malaysia Boleh! Another good example of our former Miss Malaysia is Lina Teoh and guess what? She's from Malacca too, like me!! (Malacca produces pretty and smart gals)

kenwooi said...

lol @ ris low..
i cant believe she's ms singapore..
oh okay.. now i do.. =P

Allison said...

hahaha.. hv u seen the Ris low spoof on youtube? it's also v funny :)

Wilfred Yeo said...

Hi Allison,

One of the featured videos I have posted is of Ris Low..hehe. Right below Wincci's. You may have missed it :p