Thursday, September 24, 2009

Beyond then Say-lah

Dear Friends,

So, Beyonce is coming after all. At least, up until now.
Her inaugural show here in Malaysia is scheduled on October 25, 2009 at the Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium. I still remember back in 2007, this R&B star axed her concert in Malaysia in protest on some strict dress code over some 'Talibanic opposition religious' outcry.

These 'Morality Talibanias' I was told, were going to send a protest note to the authorities but they do not plan to disrupt the show. Simply said, "I BARK ONLY-LAH - WON'T BITE WAN". They also said that they were not against entertainment as long as it is within the framework of their culture and their 'Talibaniaism'. They further added that they were against Western sexy performances and they don't think Malaysians need that. "THANK YOU YOU-LAH", but do not speak on behalf of ALL Malaysians because I can decide what is immoral and what is not.

I really do not think that Beyonce is going to 'POP A NIPPLE OUT' knowing that her performance is in a moderate Muslim country. I believe she would want to come back and do a repeat performance and not want to run foul with our authorities. I feel Malaysians have come of age and we no longer have this third world mentality. Music and star concerts are part of globalisation and we should not continue to be some 'katak di bawah tempurung'. If in the coming concert, she really goes "BEYOND, then SAY-LAH". If this simple theory be not understood, "HOW-LAH" are we going to be Truly Asia? Our southern 'Kiasuland' would only be delighted to hijack all these 'SEXY' star performers and tell the world that they are the actual 'TRULY ASIA' and their northern neigbours 'TRULY KIASU'. We won't want to 'KANASAI' by them right? Luckily enough, the Hainanese Chicken Rice issue did not reach the Hague's International Court of Justice.

Star concerts are not just about songs and dances. Without the mini skirts, the tubes and the exposing of some 'flesh', we should just watch 'The Sound of Music'. Beyonce is an icon with fashion taste and restricting her is a real pity.

Let Beyonce perform in her finesse. Don't stop her from running and jumping around the stage. If we really want a Julie Andrews performance (even she was running and jumping around), we should just have a 'somebody' to stand in front of the microphone, open her mouth, sing and "I SAY YOU CANNOT MOVE AR!!".

With her, even the 'Talibanias' will protest. Over the hair, maybe?

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