Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Malaysian Social Contract?

Dear Friends,

I have been busy lately and have not found time to blog. It has been a laborious one month of work, travels and domestic obligations. I travelled to Seoul- Korea, for a week of bowling. I had wanted to indite the trip down but have not been inspired to do so.

In the meantime, my friend cum blogger Anas Zubedy has an interesting feature. This friend of mine is not afraid to verbalize his beliefs aloud. He is grounded, knows his mission and stays the course to accomplishment. Malaysians of the Buddhist faith will be celebrating Vesak day this coming Wednesday. And as tradition, Anas Zubedy will take a full page advertisement in the local daily to convey his well wishes and call for unity.

I have copied a portion of his blog here for all to harmonize a true call for a united Malaysia.

Quote, "I propose a Social Contract this Wesak Day

"This Wednesday May 6th, the message below will be advertised in The Star as a full page ad. Many Malaysians have debated about the social contract. Some say it exist, while others don’t. Some is for it, some against. But what is the social contract? Where is it? Does it really exist? Whether it exist or not, why not we come out with one?So, here are my thoughts. You can agree with my ideas, comment about them or simply agree to disagree. But, please use logic, love and wisdom. Because,Logic will make us fair with our minds; Love will make us fair with our hearts; and, Wisdom will lead us to combine our love and logic in the way of God and for the benefit of Mankind.

Thank you, cheers and peace, / anas zubedy"

To read further, log on to

Pictured on the top right hand corner is, Venerable Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda ( 1918-2006) who has always been instrumental in "Do something for others"

My blog on 'Sparkling Korea' should be appearing soon...very very soon :) Until then, keep those hands clean and not be infected by the Influenza A H1N1 virus.

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