Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Harro , I am GeeTee Queen"

Dear Friends,

(It's my pleasure)

I had to labour last weekend and I didn't complain. I turned chaperon to two Japanese ladies who spoke no English. I could get along with some conversational Japanese but I was perpetually relying on my I-Phone's translator feature. These 'babes' are young and were selected from amongst 200 entries in Japan to be laureled this years 'GT Queens'. The 'Queens' have a huge following in Japan and some have proven to be even more favourable in comparison to the GT race drivers.
Last week, Sepang International Circuit (SIC), the event organizers for the Super GT International Series Malaysia 2009, had their event launch at the Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa. During the launch they also acquainted their promotional 'materials' – 'GT Queens' Sana Yuki and Nana Shibata. I am humbled to say that I was instrumental in securing 'Official Hotel' status for the GT event this year. For the foregone six years, the teams had always stayed in the city centre. My acknowledgement to my friend, Razlan Razali who was recently appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Sepang International Circuit. He made this possible by introducing the management of GTA, Japan to me early this year. And the rest, as they say is history.

Established in 1994 by the Japanese Automobile Federation, the Super GT series is a grand touring car race series promoted by the GT-Association (GTA) and recognized by the Federal Internationale Automobile. (FIA). Races are held as part of a yearly series and take place on well known Japanese race tracks like Twin Ring Motegi, Fuji Speedway, and Suzuka Circuit.

The race cars and racing equipments; the drivers and teams, and their 'GT Babes' will be arriving at the Sepang International Circuit during race week. I am told that the teams and drivers are all exhilarated to come to Sepang for the race. Sepang has always been special to them because it is the only round outside Japan. More importantly, it is the most challenging race in the entire GT racing calendar. Sepang is the mother of all the GT battles every year. The cars are fractioned into two groups: GT500 and GT300 (cars with no more than 500 and 300 horsepower). They race simultaneously, with a total of 34 souped up cars on the grid for the race engaging plenty of adrenalin throughout the 54-lap race. A unequaled event combining mean machines and gorgeous 'GT Babes' in bringing a truly Japanese carnival-like atmosphere to the circuit. Malaysia will host Round 4 of the 2009 championship, which will also feature some of the best regional races as supporting events. To be held from June 19 to 21, Sepang International Circuit hosts the only international round of the championship, which provides a sexy combination of stylish sports cars and gorgeous Japanese grid babes. The babes will be dressed in skimpy outfits emblazoned with logos identifying the respective teams and their sponsors. Their roles are to add 'spice' on race day and also to meet spectators. These Japanese babes are gorgeous, friendly and some are current top models in Japan. 'GT Queens' 2009 - Sana Uki is currently an actress whilst Nana Shibata is a businesswoman.

Incomparable to the GT championships, race fans are allowed to visit the paddocks on qualifying and race day to mingle with the various team's 'GT Babes' and drivers. They are also allowed on the starting grid on race day by purchasing special pit walkabout passes. Tickets for the Main Grandstand can be purchased at RM100. SIC is also offering a special family package at RM250 for four Main Grandstand tickets. It is free for children below seven years old. Passes for the main race day pit walkabout, where fans not only can get up-close to the racing cars and drivers, but the 'GT Babes' as well, are sold at RM100.
There will be a Japan Super GT celebration on the 19 June 2009 from 9.00pm onwards at Ministry of Sound - Euphoria at Bandar Sunway. For further information, call Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa at +60 3 7492 8000.

The 'GT Queens' repetitive singing of, 'Anatano Sekshi' (You are sexy) is still lingering and rewinding in my mind. "Dozo Yoroshiku" (Nice Meeting You)


Isma Kadir said...

Lucky u my friend... One of my photographer friend went there too. He told me that it was awesome.

Hopefully SuperGT Race this year gonna be spectacular.

Wilfred Yeo said...

Awesome in what sense? haha. Hope to see u there at the race Isma :)