Saturday, March 28, 2009

'Blacked Out'?

Dear Friends,

I decided to assess the ballyhoo of 'Earth Hour' after dinner tonight. I drove around my surrounding neighbourhood, to witness how many buildings will be in total darkness, between 8.30pm for an hour tonight. Envisioning that there will be partial darkness in my wandering around, I was inaccurate in my judgement. Most of the surroundings were brightly ignited and it did not even reflect the slightest 'power failure'. Many showed non-support for this green effort.

This event began in Sydney, Australia in 2007 when two million people switched off their lights. Came 2008, 50 million people around the world participated in this climate change initiative. Individuals like you and me, corporate businesses and the communities at large were invited to turn off lights to 'safe' Mother Earth. For this year, Earth Hour aims to reach out to one billion people in 1,000 cities.

Frankly, a venture like this will not be able to quantify the amount of energy this globe would save. What values is the green message content that will make a difference. It is conjuring the yardstick for public awareness on climate change. This in return will make a difference in our lifestyles as a whole.

As I departed away from my neighbourhood, I encountered the organisation I work for responded positively. I was encouraged. I drove pass Sunway Pyramid Mall and the soundtrack, 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' from the popular animated 'Lion King' was resounding in my mind. I am proud to be associated with an organisation that is enthusiastic about making a difference in preserving the environment. More of their intiatives at:

A belief flashed by me on the journey home; reflections of this earth I am living in did not belong to me. My existence here is on borrowed time and borrowed land from my children. Time to come, I will dedicate my part in preserving this earth and restoring it to them unsurpassable.

And yes; during the hour,the lights on the external of my house were all turned off. (unlike my neighbours :p). In that one hour today coupled with all the 'moaning and groaning' in darkness; I sure hope this green initiative was communicated with much competence.

Otherwise, the least the consolation - the population will set to grow in nine months.


Luan Luan Joey said...

Earth Hour should be done at least once a month for a start. In fact, we should cultivate the habit of saving energy everyday, not just once a year, right? I gladly switched off my lights on that day...pretty romantic I must say!

G. Balamurugan said...

Hi Wilfred,
I live in USJ.. my own limited survey showed that about 25% of the houses in USJ 11/3 area were dark during that hour.
I am sure the percentage will increase next year.

Suggest that you visit my blog for a quick review on what is causing climate change.