Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hey Mama

Dear Friends,

Today is Mother's Day. How ironic it is that our lives these days are conditioned to look out for dates to express gratitude and to express our feelings. It has become a norm for establishments to ignite our guilt conscience to spend lavishly, order the best in dishes and purchase the most expensive in presents. Today will come and go, tomorrow will return us to our normal practice of taking the old dame for granted.

I am thankful that my mum is still with me, knowing the bitter feelings of losing my dad when I was seven. She was just thirty and having been married for only 9 years. A man whom she so depended on for strength was taken away after nine months of pain and suffering. I recalled the times of travelling every week to Singapore where dad was warded because it seemed that he would have a chance to live if he went there. In the early 1970s, the word chemotherapy never existed. I still remember the tears that flowed from her eyes until they were no more. This innocent child was helpless let alone naive.

Thirty some years have come and gone. This lady of tenacity have blossomed well and has fended for her two off-springs. We became strong and what we are today is because of what we have received from this single parent. Mothers are special and one of the happiest moments in anyone's life is to be with them.

I admit that I now find her nagging and difficult as she grows old. Her demands are becoming demanding and sometimes my level of irritation reaches its peak. I chose to understand that due to circumstances she holds superior in her sacrifices all these years. Such is the love and strength of my mother. Mum, you have shown me the good values of life and because of you I am able to live it comfortable and happy now.

My mum, Vivian Tan Lai Kuan, thanks a million for all your guidance, teachings, patience and at times irritations. I may not have said it for a long time but I indeed love you. May GOD continue to enrich you and bless you with good health and much happiness. I pledge that I will be duty bound to take care of you till the last days, in sickness and in health.

Happy Mother's Day.
* Pictured above with her grandchildren, Eugene and Charmaine in 2008

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Min said...

Well said, Wilfred!