Saturday, December 12, 2009

Who is Santa Claus?

Dear Friends,

Time has passed on so quickly this year that I did not even realised that we are already into December. Over dinner a few nights ago, I casually asked the family, "Where is the Christmas Tree?" Excuses after excuses were flung across the table with Charmaine reluctantly admitting, "Dad, EASY to put up but LAZY to tear down". My Mum added, "Everybody is BUSY this year". Even though she is retired, she went 'back to work' in the family's online florist business this year; which explains her reason. Nobody pursued the matter in their 'busyness'.
I guess unanimously the family has agreed that there will NOT BE a tree this year. The putting up of the tree only started with my family the last ten years. When I was young, I remember how my Dad would have a Christmas party every year in the house. It was more a night of gathering for his Mason brothers at that time. After his passing, Mum would not put a tree up because it was like a reminder of those GOOD TIMES when Dad was around. I must agree with Charmaine that setting the tree up, decorating it and lighting it was exciting. However, dismantling it after the New Year was another story all together.

Without the tree, will this year's Christmas be any different? In my family, we are all Christians. I was born into a CHRISTIAN family and I attended Sunday School at a very young age. I was never exposed to any other beliefs and I grew up knowing the TRUE MEANING of Christmas. It is a day to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. However, historians somehow told us that Christ was not actually born on the 25 December. So, I guess it is just like an 'Official Birthday'. In church, we always refer HIS birth to be 2000 years ago. Year after year, it is still 2000 years ago. I chuckle at that fact sometimes.
The BIRTH of Christ is the real meaning of Christmas. Besides that, it is also a time to spread good tidings and joy as the Christmas carol goes. It is also a time of extending compassion and goodwill to all mankind. But, today however, the world has TWISTED this Christmas fact. I find the world using this season as purely commercial. It is largely based on MATERIALISM with no more compassion and goodwill. Children are 'taught' that the bigger their presents the better.

These days, in everybody's busyness; the shorter things are, the better. How can this season be now also known as X'MAS? How can CHRIST be removed from the true meaning of Christ-mas? Ever thought how Santa Claus is now the substitute of 'Christ'-mas? I never taught my children Santa Claus. What does a burly old man in a fur trimmed red suit, who supposedly lives in the North Pole, got to do with the birth of Christ? I never told them how this FICTITIOUS character would come down the chimney at night and leave them presents. They wouldn't believe me either because we have no chimneys in our house. What I have taught them was GRATITUDE. That they should celebrate this season with appreciation for all that they do have.
As for me, I am FOREVER GRATEFUL for:

GOD's love and how he allows me to be successful in all that I do.
My FAMILY's support and how they stand by me and bring joy whenever I am home.
My good HEALTH for I know what stress and depression can bring.
My few good close FRIENDS who are by my side whenever I need them.
My TEAM at work for striving hard with me to ensure that our business objectives are met.
My BOSSES who constantly allows me the chance to prove my worth to be better.
This blog piece is not meant to be religious or judgemental. It is written to stress my belief that Christmas is not about GREED and fiction. Please spell CHRIST-MAS in it's entirety and not take the real meaning out of it. I will now go speak to the kids to reconsider putting up our Christmas tree.


kenwooi said...

a nice writeup about christmas..
my family and i dont really celebrate xmas.. it's more like a holiday where we can rest from our hectic lifestyle..

we dont have a xmas tree and exchange xmas presents and so on.. but this time i'll be in london during xmas... im excited to see how the londoners celebrate the festive season here! =D

Wilfred Yeo said...

Blessed Christmas to you and a safe holiday bro :)