Thursday, December 24, 2009

We Were The Reason

Dear Friends,

I have just returned from Christmas Eve Dinner with the family. This year was a little out of normalcy. Almost every year, we would be feasting on a Christmas turkey and the other accompaniments. We normally would gather as a FAMILY at home and the children would be opening their presents at the stroke of midnight. This year, we broke TRADITION. We decided that Christmas is family time even if we had rib eye, pork belly, lamb, chicken with a lot of Kimchi. We decided to go Korean this time.

The kids are now all downstairs, with much EXCITEMENT as I am blogging this. Charmaine was especially excited clicking away during dinner. She wanted pictures with everyone at dinner. Looking at her and Eugene now, I realised how fast they have grown and matured. They are no longer the little babies I once knew. I remember the time fifteen years ago when Eugene was born. I was in the delivery room with my wife, watching the BIRTH of a life.

CHRISTMAS is the same. It is a reason for celebration, for a baby born 2000 years ago in a manger. In a town called Bethlehem (it still exist today, near Jerusalem, at the West Bank), the baby was named Jesus. The Lord JESUS CHRIST is the real reason why we celebrate Christmas. I have come to know him as my SAVIOUR and HE is my reason for living.

During this celebration, I have always loved the carols sung, the glowing lights on the Christmas tree and all the other pretty decorations. I can hear Eugene playing 'Felix Navidad' on the piano now and I want to go join in the sing along. We would be going to church for the Christmas service tomorrow. In breaking tradition again, I am DEDICATING this song and not a traditional carol for your viewing and enjoyment. I know this song for over 25 years and it holds much meaning to my heart. For indeed, HE is our reason for living.

I take this opportunity in wishing YOU and your loved ones a very "BLESSED CHRISTMAS". Have a wonderful time of celebration and may you be blessed with much PEACE, LOVE AND JOY.



Anonymous said...

Yo, it has been a while since you blogged! How was the experience seeing the birth of a life? Must be pretty amazing, I hope my hubby can take it too.

Just want to say, Merry Christmas & if I don't see you in office next week, have a great New Year!

Wilfred Yeo said...

It's unexplainable. More so when he passed me, he let off a real loud cry. Like he knew who daddy was :)

Blessed Christmas to u n the family too.

erie said...

Merry Christmas