Sunday, November 15, 2009

Want Me to ONE You

Dear Friends,

Have you ever wondered what the number ONE truly signifies? Did you know that if you multiply any number with the number one, it is itself? Being number one simply means being the BEST. Consider our local surroundings, wouldn't it sound funny if the renowned mall was named Two Utama instead of One Utama or the other, Jaya Three instead of Jaya One. Near where I work, the popular One Academy is indeed a famous Communication Design institution.

I had a 'wicked' neighbour while growing up. How she would boast to my mum how her daughter was always number ONE in class. Pressurising you know? Our neighbours across our southern border has always inculcated amongst their citizens, that a city state as small as theirs; to stay SIGNIFICANT, they have to always be number One and the best. Thus rising the spirit of 'Kiasu-ism'. Must always win, losing was not an option. Supremacy, it is.

Reading the Star this morning, I was amused how we Malaysians, aka 'advertisers' in this instance, are using the 'ONE MALAYSIA' term much to their advantage. So much so, it is beginning to sound vulgar. Today is World Diabetes Day. Can you explain what 'One Malaysia Brings Diabetes to Light Campaign' means in terms of ONENESS? Other crossings I came about the past week were, 'My One Malaysia Expo', 'One Malaysia Book Fair', 'One Malaysia Formula One Team', 'One Malaysia Holidays'? Suddenly, we Malaysians are all so 'fired' up with the number ONE?
I respect my Prime Minister's vision on 'ONE MALAYSIA'. He stressed that this vision will embark on EQUALITY, HARMONY and PROSPERITY for our nation. Finally, a true vision for all Malaysians. This means my beloved PM will represent all Malaysians and not just a particular; this means that he believes in meritocracy and he will also not be bias; this means that he will have every Malaysian blend together in one melting pot instead of being factioned. He will also ensure that the nation's wealth be sustained for all. My Prime Minister's vision cannot be realised by him alone. It must be a vision PRACTICED by all.
I dislike being a pessimist. As much as I am giving 'One Malaysia' a true chance, I don't think it will work 'ONE' hundred percent. HOW-LAH to succeed when there are morons who do not even try practising it. My PM said that One Malaysia is for all. If that is the case, then WHY a learned institution such as this is challenging what my PM is tirelessly preaching. You think what? Living and governing your own mini territorial kingdom ka?

Today, a major GLC placed an advertisement in the Star. Publishing names of their so called educational loan defaulters. I am not condoning to "borrow my money, study - graduate and now don't want to pay me back". What was puzzling; out of all the 122 names published, only 10% reflected not the 'majority' that loans were given to, this is SO NOT One Malaysia.

My true One Malaysia idol is the late Yasmin Ahmad. If you watch all her work, you will understand that she truly understood the 'ONE' concept much earlier than anybody else. As for me, I want a One Malaysia that will OVERCOME racism and all prejudices. "So funny right?", when overseas and being asked, I always say I am Malaysian; but when I am here back home, I am always known to be a Chinese; I am still trying to comprehend that. Let us as ONE realise the real meaning of ONE MALAYSIA. I am hoping that we will take many steps forward and not ONE step forward and two steps backwards. You play your role and I will play mine. IT IS REALLY FOR YOU TO WANT ME TO ONE YOU.

I think it was mentioned that EQUALITY was a One Malaysia trait? Means all are equal right? Means LAWS are applicable and justified for all?

Aiyoh, then this One, HOW -LAH?

Uncle Dee Pee Am, you TAK PAKAI topi keledar. So how, KENA SAMAN ka?

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