Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Eighth Day of October

Dear Friends,

I acquired a real taste for Indonesian cuisine when I was living in Jakarta. In particular, 'NASI PADANG'. My personal favorites were their 'Cabe Ijao' (Green Chilli), 'Sop Buntut' (Oxtail Soup), 'Perkedel' (Potato Patty), 'Ayam Goreng Kalasan' (Fried Chicken) just to name a few. To top it off, I will savour the 'Jus Alpukat' (Avocado Juice with Chocolate Syrup). Nasi Padang is the epitome of Minangkabau cuisine with no less than 20 dishes being offered and served with white rice. The Nasi Padang moniker actually pays tribute to the origin of the food; whereby Padang is in fact a city in West Sumatra of Indonesia.
Last week 30th September, while I was practicing some dance moves to a hip-hop number, I could suddenly hear a Carole King's rendition of "I feel the earth move under my feet, I feel the sky tumbling down". Only to realise later, Padang in West Sumatra was hit by a huge earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale. Almost immediately, Malaysian relief teams sprung into action. MERCY MALAYSIA sent a surgical and a medical team to treat the earthquake victims, the SMART team was sent to assist in searching for victims and survivors."TOMORROW IS THE EIGHTH DAY OF OCTOBER".
I envision all Air Asia flights into the LCCT from Indonesia will experience full load factors. Why? It is 'GANYANG* MALAYSIA' (Crush*) invasion day. A self vigilante group calling itself 'Bendera' is planning to attack my beloved homeland with sharpened bamboo sticks. I don't know whether should I laugh or cry, should I flee or fear? This is the same group of fellas which set roadblocks in Jakarta some weeks back SWEEPING out Malaysians.

"WHY SO RADICAL-LAH?" You said we stole your folk songs and dances, you said we abused your maids, you said we exported terrorists to you. Please don't forget that we are 'SERUMPUN'. You eat rice, we eat rice; you eat 'Ayam Goreng', we also eat 'Ayam Goreng'. Folk songs like 'Rasa Sayang' and 'Burung Kakak Tua' ; "WE SHARE SHARE - LAH'".
Your country has 'GEMPA' (earthquake), ours do not. Yet, we were compassionate. We sent teams to help in your disasters. Plane loads of food and supplies were sent but yet you said that we sent you expired items. We have also spearheaded donation drives for cash to be dispersed to your country for rebuilding. If this is not help, what is?

"WE GIVE AND TAKE-LAH". You have almost 1.5 million of your citizens 'Cari Makan' in my beloved homeland. Some have stayed here long enough that they have been given permanent residency. You don't 'Salah' you know, I am talking about your construction workers. Year on year, we have many foreign applicants for residency; many of them foreign doctors, engineers and professionals. But, yet 'we feel' your construction citizens deserve them more. It still puzzles me.

My family had Bak Mira, Bak Soli, Bak Uhn, Bak Kampi and many that I now can't remember worked for us. We cared for them, fed them well and treated them like family. We also came across one of them, taking our belongings without permission and keeping it in her bag. I think that is called stealing. I was taught from young that I must FORGIVE & FORGET. Bak Kampi was best of them all; after returning to Indonesia, she sent us a picture of her all 'dolled up' resembling a 'Datin'. She was standing in front of her newly built house with money she earned here. She repeatedly, 'TERIMAKASIH PAK' in her letter to us. We were happy for her.

I really pray that the 'warning' issued to us was just for funs. Both our countries have come a long way. A little GIVE & TAKE and FORGIVE & FORGET would do the trick. Let us loosen up a little. Geographically, we have no choice but to be neighbours.

"TOMORROW IS THE EIGHTH DAY OF OCTOBER", I hope to wake up and know that the sun will still rise from the East. I am planning to have my 'Nasi Padang' for lunch at Sari Ratu with my favorite 'Teh Botol'. So, please - please do not ruin my plans tomorrow.

If you are still really at it, I hope you will at least specify the time you are planning to invade; since I will be quite busy tomorrow.

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