Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gay? I am Not

Dear Friends,

"Amboi, Amboi, Amboi"!!

This is the 'trademarked' salutations TV personality Azwan Ali repeatedly recites. In the newspapers today, he denied being a homosexual.

It sprung up following postings putatively about his gay tendencies he made on his blog.

Quote, "Only GOD and my mother knows my sexuality, it is not for me to answer if I am gay or not", unquote. His feeblemindedness for not explicating to the speculation has created even thicker speculations.

Homosexuality is a sexual inclination or tendencies directed towards a person of one's own sex. The prevalence of homosexuality among humans is difficult to determine accurately; studies suggest between two and twenty percent of the population exhibit some degree of homosexual tendency, though in many earlier cultures homosexual relations were highly prevalent. Many homosexuals hide their feelings and activities out of fear of disapproval or violence; they are commonly said to be closeted.

In many cultures, homosexuals are frequently subject to prejudice and discrimination. Closer to home - in Thailand; Kathoey, or "ladyboys," have been a feature of Thai society for many centuries. While Kathoey may encompass simple effeminacy or transvestism, it is most commonly treated in Thai culture as a third gender. They are generally accepted by society, and Thailand has never had legal prohibitions against homosexuality or behavior. There also exists a widely-believed stereotype, even perpetuated within gay culture, that gay men can be identified by a certain accent or way of walking, both of which are perceived as less masculine.

So, Azwan Ali, stop personifying yourself as 'Mak Hayam Gebuss' or 'Azwana Alia'. Personal or imaginary characterizing, you have created an avenue for your own character bashing. You are known in the industry as 'laser mouth' and it is difficult for perpetrators to differentiate what is true and what is over the top.
Can the public accept homosexuality if they are convinced that it is inborn and immutable?

As for me, I think I am 'lesbian' because I still feel for the opposite sex.

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Sashi said...

Wilfred, I've never been one to judge a person. However, a peek into Azwan Ali's blog will show anyone how disguistingly rude he is. He thrives being in the center of attraction - positive and negative alike. I believe, any product or personality is as famous only if we, the consumer, allow them to be. We should simply ignore this "publicity crazed *b!!*" and let him live alone on his "ego-centric" island!