Monday, December 29, 2008

Pimp My Toxic Ride

Dear Friends,

Your pick. Performance, style or comfort? Why not choose all three?
Let me recollect. To date; wheels and tyres, suspension, competition brakes, exhaust system, performance air filter, high indensity lights, voltage stabilizer, auto styling and I could also make do with a 5lb nitrous system which will add a shot of extra jooze.
I was looking at my ride the other day and realised that somehow boredom has begun to set in for me. I began to question the look of how 'small' the offset of the wheels looked and how distorted the front spoiler was. In denial that the recession was cashing in, I could not resist my prolific habit of splurting when it comes to pimping my ride. So, I thought I should pay a visit to the pimping guys called Nextlevel Customz. ( to see what is or indeed isn't possible.

I dread this guy called Kumerg who is the Creative Director. What is indeed isn't possible is made possible when he gets his hands 'photoshop'-ing on designs for my ride. It is made to look easy with technology these days. A little 'cut' from designs of renowned auto styles (my favorite being the Wald designs - and later 'pasted' on an image of my ride and "VOILA", it sets me pocket back a couple of thousand bucks. I am vulnerable when it comes to my ride and I pray to repent against such temptations.
I chose Nextlevel Customz because it is a name that seems to regularly market itself contemporarily. They have appeared as a feature on television when they pimped the ride of Phat Fabes, a local television celebrity on 8TV emulating the way it is done on MTV's 'Pimp My Ride'. I found that advertising innovation if compared to advertising expenses incurred by their peers, if any. But what blew me away was their '17 Commandments' insribed on stone which they swear by on their website. The one I like best is Commandment No. Twelve. It assures like this:

Quote - "An unheard of, never before offered, we gotta be out of our minds, 90 DAYS VALUE FOR MONEY GUARANTEE. We are so confident we are able to deliver exceptional value to you and because we take your business seriously, Next Level Customz will give you 90 days before we will actually consider the sale final. In the event that after you have made the wise decision to invest in our products and services, and you are actually able to get better value elsewhere-and I’m not talking about price alone-but the entire package including product and workmanship quality, warranty, after sales support, follow up, no hassle guaranteed replacements and no questions asked exchange policy; Just provide us with documented proof stating all the above and we will pay that competitor to work on your ride-and refund you the price difference (if any)!"- unquote.

This styling outfit is managed by Aaaron Goh aka 'Botak' - the Chief Executive Officer, Shaiful aka 'Kumerg' - the Creative Director and assisted by Ryzal Assidiq aka 'Boy' - the Shop Representative who has a passion into cross dressing during the weekends, for crying out loud. (okay, I am kidding).

To me, Nextlevel Customz felt more like an enthusiast's 'home' rather than a workshop. From the comforts of the sofas in the showroom where designs are plentifully stored in a computer (they should consider a Mac for better brought to life visuals), the work areas and the oven baking spraying room - it is a complete 'complex', in every sense of the word. Drooling about designs; you can choose from Wald for luxurious and exotic designs, Caractere for the Audis and Volkswagons or be daring and opt for a West Coast custom built car.(they are the franchise holder for the brand which is made popular in America by pimping rides on MTV).

There are hundreds of designs to choose from with price range which are not for the average Joe. An instant reminder of the old maxim,"Good things no cheap - Cheap things no good". As a rough guide, a full body kit inclusive of a rear spoiler for a Honda Civic, to be converted to a Type R, will set you broke by about Ringgit Malaysia Five Thousand. Outside of this, it is probably best to call them at +60 3 5621 3617 or cruise down and visit them in person to get a better grasp of the potential cost of remodelling your ride. For the cost, some good negotiation and bargaining skills are required with Aaaron. If it is some out of the ordinary designs that you are after, ask Kumerg for some design advise. As for Boy, ask him for a good hang out place to solicit during the weekends. :p (Okay Boy, I shall repent from saying that) Another sort of pimping, come what may :D

I have come to realise that auto styling is not so much about a desire for luxury, it is the individuality aspect that appeals to me at least and most people. For luxury, I am still awaiting for my Lexus windfall. As for now, I will remain a wannabe. At least that is what I believe in.

P/s: Now that I have posted this and I was looking at constructing a rear diffuser, how much did you say it was again Aaaron? (tongue in cheek emoticon)

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