Monday, October 27, 2008

From Mild to Wild

Dear Friends,

If ever you need reminding how strong our thriving scene is here in Malaysia, you need to get along to Bandar Sunway, where performance car tuners are in abundance. Previously a mining area in the 1960s, land was perceived to be of no value as it was 'mining' and comes with a lease hold tenure. Bandar Sunway is now a premier township with its' tag of "Resort Living within a City". It is also now a regular haunt for Subaru WRX Imprezas, Nissan 350Zs, Mazda RX8s and various other Japanese models. Beemers are also a common sight with the latest being the market for multi purpose vehicles (MPVs).

What is particularly impressive driving in this area are the taste, quality and creativity of the cars and their owners. Performance and exterior tuning shops such as Redzone, Racing Fit, Kakimotor, N 1 Racing, Racecraft; Hup Soon for their rims and tyres; Top Spray for their immaculate spray painting works and much more. This could be seen by most of the cars on 'display' along the main streets of PJS.

If you are into wide body kits with arches or a total modified make over, head on down to Nextlevelcustomz. ( I was driving pass one day and came across this company; I decided to give it a chance to conduct 'constructive surgery' on my Camry. Ask for Aaaron Goh who is the Chief Executive Officer, as his card says.(sounds too corporate for a tuning business :p) Fun, talkative and convincing describes this lad. As I am still waiting for a LEXUS WINDFALL, the best I can do for now is to be a LEXUS WANNABE.

This is definitely an unconventional Camry

A splitter to add profile

When I grow up, I just want to be like a Lexus

It says, TRD Racing Development

Looks like an eyelid

I have managed to maintain the subtleness and classiness of a JDM theme. Amongst the tuning aficionados, there seems to be a real desire to have something that no one else has got, or be sitting on a set of rims that nobody else has seen before and that can only be a good thing. This means that we may be able to start setting the standard, as opposed to our southern and northern neighbours leading the way.

Watch my back

Rear Spoiler

When I grow up, I just want to be like a Lexus.


Eu Jin said...

Nice bro. Why not make twin rear exhaust like the LS460?


sounds good :) so many other things i wan to add..hahaha...air vents at the fender, rear diffuser, go 19 inch and lots lots more.

waiting for a windfall...if big enuf head down to mutiara dsara...if not head to sunway :)

Eu Jin said...

Don't think IS-F available here. IS250 looks really sexy. Good luck!